we are not interested in a superficial reality. our aim is not to get stuck in this material life. our aim is to look deep underneath of all things, to find that gap which lets us tap into the spiritual world.

as sentient beings we are here to gather knowledge. we are here to take in the experience of love, of pain, to find happiness, and to experience the ultimate loss. we are given this chance to gather as much information as we can. we are here to learn. we mustn’t run away from painful experiences either, we must learn from them.

accept & adapt

life is a constant change just happening all around us. evolve.breathe, accept the currents as they come and engage with them.



“To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.” ~ Alan Cohen

mother nature loves all her children ..

i was sitting with my eyes closed in a train, not too happy to be up this early and all of a sudden i felt this oneness rise deep in my gut. you know that feeling when you sit in zazen and you become overwhelmed with ultimate oneness, love, stillness of vibrations in the air, anything you wish to call it.. i was sitting right there and i was feeling it, this complete existence expanding and filling the air around me with pure love. love towards each living being, love towards our mother – earth, love for the sky and for the rain it brings, perfect harmony.
that feeling, when you walk barefoot onto the wet morning grass and you see the sun far in the horizon. all life comes together, in that oneness and that stillness, we are all connected to each other, in that stillness is where we are given – love. indescribable & pure, love of the very existence.

i am afraid our children will never see the great forests and lakes, they will see the earth that’s been abused. i wish our children would look into the eyes of another being and see them with compassion and kindness. i want our children to develop their souls, because it is their souls that will carry them on. it is their souls they must learn from and listen quietly to their hearts. it is not in our nature to harm one another, it is not in our nature to harm our mother. we have created another ego – an ego that gets lost in the world that is constantly in turmoil and chaos.

every morning i enter a reality where i am judged by looks, words, movements…every morning, when i step through a door i know there will be a world of chaos. an organized, moving chaos, where everybody rushes from point A to point B, where nobody stops and observes..  i meet beautiful people every day, i greet every being with same love and respect, but sometimes it gets tough. there’s frustration, there’s chaos, there’s no stillness around. in those moments i have to remind myself to take a deep breath and focus on my sadhana. all it takes in the most chaotic of times, is to focus on my ājňā and all else falls into place. i didn’t realize it at first, and i would become more frustrated, but with time and learning, it all becomes right how it should be. i focus on my ājňā, and i remind myself where my heart is. and in that moment i bring myself back to the stillness of the universe, right to the very core of my being. it’s hard to find the balance between my reality, and the other – chaotic reality. they are two different worlds, so similar, yet so separate to me.  it has been my goal so far to find the right balance, where both of these worlds can co-exist and benefit from each other. and maybe after all this time, i have finally found that fine line, that separates yet brings the two together. and all i know, is that no matter how chaotic it gets, all i have to do is focus right on my ājňā, and it will take me home….


there’s so many energies & vibrations coming to us from the universe. we just need to feel it… between december 21st – 23rd of this year our minds will be open to receiving information, all we need to do is learn how to listen.


“You’re afraid of imagination. And even more afraid of dreams. Afraid of the responsibility that begins in dreams. But you have to sleep, and dreams are a part of sleep. When you’re awake you can suppress imagination. But you can’t suppress dreams” H.Murakami  

We live in a material world.

“Today we have great difficulty living fifty or sixty years. A man may live at the utmost eighty or a hundred years. In addition, these brief years are always fraught with anxiety, with difficulties due to circumstances of war, pestilence, and famine, and with so many other disturbances….

At the utmost we can only gratify our personal whims by some pseudo – adaptation of this system. Thus people are paying money to attend some classes in gymnastic exercises and deep breathing, and they’re happy if they think they can lengthen their lifetimes by a few years or enjoy a better sex life. But we must understand that this is not the actual yoga system. In this age, that meditational system cannot be properly executed…

But if we’re content with making a show of meditation by sitting very straight in the lotus position and going into trance like some sort of performer, then that is a different thing. We should understand, however, that such show – bottle performances have nothing to do with the actual perfection of yoga. The material disease cannot be cured by artificial medicine…

This material world has been likened to a great forest fire. As in the forest a fire may automatically take place, so in this material world, although we may try to live peacefully, there is always a great conflagration. It is not possible to live in peace anywhere in the material world.

Just as madman becomes crazy and is put into a lunatic asylum, so we, losing sight of our spiritual identity, become crazy and are put into this material world. Thus the material world is a sort of lunatic asylum, and we can easily notice that nothing is done very sanely here.”